Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Our Commitment

Flex Heat Transfer Vinyl Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy, as well as the security of your online purchases on our website.


We use a SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) connection throughout the checkout process. This is the highest level of encryption or security possible, so all of the information that you input during the order process ( Name, Address, Credit Card #, etc ) is protected by the SSL encryption. You can be sure that all communication between your browser and our sites web servers are private and secure.

Personal Information

We do not share any personal information provided by you to any third parties. Any and all information collected on our site will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to provide you the products and services that you requested.

We use Cookies

Unless you have chosen to disable it, your Internet web browser has a feature called a "cookie". cookies are small text files that a web site can use to recognize repeat users, to facilitate the user's ongoing access to and use of the site, and to compile aggregate data to improve the site and focus advertising. Cookies work as follows: a web site will send a cookie to your browser that uniquely associates your computer with the information the site can store for you. your browser places the cookie in its cookie file. When you next access that site on your computer, the site recognizes the cookie, and makes the stored information available to you. We use cookies to pass access privileges from page to page and to provide you with certain features at our site, such as allowing you to place items in a shopping cart. Cookies are required for access to the site. Just with other information, we do not share with third parties any personal information provided through the use of cookies.